Safety Shield
Over the last several years the world's largest chemical companies have spent millions of dollars, in an attempt to re-engineer their existing HARD-COAT polymers so that they can be used to protect the "Data surface" (the clear surface of a disc a laser must penetrate to write/retrieve data) of an optical disc.  Because their existing polymers were originally engineered to protect the "Label surface" (the surface of a disc that the laser can not penetrate) of a disc, they were not formulated to allow lasers to pass through them without being distorted.  Only recently, a select few companies have successfully modified their original polymers to achieve a "LASER-FRIENDLY™  polymer that when applied to the "Data surface" of a disc won't interfere with the laser's ability to record or play back information.
NOTE: The term "LASER-FRIENDLY™  simply describes the polymer's ability to allow for the normal passage of the read/write lasers, with only nominal impedance or degradation of quality.

SLDI has forged business alliances with a select few of these companies and has tapped into their vast experience and resources.  Our combined efforts now make it possible to incorporate the use of these "LASER-FRIENDLY™" polymers as back-up protection in conjunction with our patented Scratch-Less™ technology to increase the amount of protection that can be added to the discs. SLDI uses the term INVISIBLE SAFETY SHIELD™ to describe the Laser-friendly™ optically clear polymer used to add protection to a SCRATCH-LESS™ DISC.  The INVISIBLE SAFETY SHIELD™ works as back-up protection in the event the SAFETY-GAP™ produced by the AERO-BUMPS™ is bridged; allowing a potential contaminate or scratching agent to come in contact with the data surface of the disc.
The Virtually Scratch-Proof CD or DVD
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