The term AERO-BUMP™ was derived from the two physical characteristics of the bumps. First the primary reason for the enhancement, which is the 20 protective, BUMPS around the discs  outer edge. Second, AERO was derived from the aerodynamic shape of the bumps, which is crucial in preserving the performance characteristics of the discs. The Aero Bumps™ are added to the disc during the manufacturing process of the *sub-striate, so they are a part of the disc and will not come off. The patented bump design and positioning on the disc allows them to remain compatible with over 99% of existing recording and play back equipment.
The Invisible Safety-Shield™ is an optically clear (No interference with the laser) scratch-preventative polymer coating that is added as a secondary protection in addition to the bumps. The coating, GE (General Electric) OM1000, is the hardest polymer being applied to the laser surface side of an optical disc for the purpose scratch protection. The coatings durability is measured with a pencil hardness test as well as a tabor abrasion test machine and is exceeding the performance of all other brands being used for CD and DVD products. 

Benefit: The coating is added as a secondary layer of protection beyond the contact avoidance provided by the bumps. Its purpose is to increase the disc�s surface tensile strength to help prevent scratches and scuffs, as well as to create a surface that is safe and easy to keep clean. Think of the polymer like a clear hard nail polish, making the discs surface harder, more like glass than plastic. The combination of our patented Aero Bumps™ and Invisible-Safety-Shield™ virtually eliminates the damage that occurs during normal use and handling.
Primary Benefit: Safety-Gap™
The Safety-Gap™ is the space/gap that is automatically created by adding Aero-Bumps to the disc's bottom and its storage surface.

Primary Benefit: To provided an unparalleled level of protection to the end user when storing and handling the Scratch-Less™ Disc.
The Safety-Gap™ is the discs primary protection against environmental damage (Scratches & Scuffs). Simply because the gap allows the handler to place the disc label facing up, protecting both the top and bottom surfaces from contact and scratches. To sum it up, by adding bumps to one side of the disc we prevent damage to both surfaces.

   The term EZ-UP-EDGE™ is used to describe the Scratch-Less™ Disc's unique elevated & tapered edge characteristic that automatically guides the handler's fingertips under the disc.

Why the design change? Because most of the damage caused to discs occurs during handling, and pick up from a flat surface.

Benefit: Because the main structure of the disc is raised up on the bumps, you can safely slide a Scratch-Less™ Disc to the edge of any flat surface with no fear of causing damage. The raised edge also makes room for a fingertip to slide under the disc, so we made a small modification to the outer most edge to make it easy to grab. By changing the shape from flat to a slight taper, (like a wide V) the top edge sticks to the fingertip and allows for easy safe pickup. 
Universally Compatible:
This term is used to help consumers quickly understand the Scratch-Less™ Discs compatibility with existing recording and playback systems. The patented bump configuration currently allows our new disc design to work with over 99% of existing equipment. Efforts are currently under way to improve our next generation products to achieve 100% compatibility.

Compatibility Issue:
By adding bumps to the edge we have found that some car dash players using a side load and eject design will not always grab the disc to remove it from the player (See web site for list). The disc may need to be manually removed and should cause no damage. The units that are affected represent less than ½ of 1% of existing recording and playback equipment in the world. We feel that our technology should be available for use with the over 99% of equipment currently in use.
Scratch-Less Disc Certified:

This Logo & Phrase is used to help consumers quickly identify our products, and assure them that they will be using "The World's Safest Optical Disc!"
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