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Below are some of the questions we receive most often about our Scratch-Less Discs. If you have a question you would like us to answer quickly, simply use the form at the bottom of this page.
Q: Are Scratch-Less Discs really safer than a standard flat disc?

A: Yes!  A flat disc has no ability to protect itself from damage during storage or handling. A Scratch-Less Disc has the added bumps to elevate the data surface so nothing comes into contact with the disc when it is placed face down on a flat surface. In addition to the bumps, an invisible hard coating that was co-developed by our engineers and GE (General Electric) is added to each disc to make the surface much more resistant to dust and most importantly scratches & scuffs.
Q: Are they better than a polymer-coated disc?

A: Yes! You may or may not know that other brands of disc makers are now going to be introducing a polymer-coated disc. Like us they realize there is a big issue with scratch & damaged discs and are trying to offer consumers a better alternative. However just coating a disc surface with a polymer does not protect it from contact and with that contact, come scratches.  Because of our patents, we are the only company that is able to offer a disc with a bump design that lifts the surface, thus protecting it from contact and the resulting scratches.
Q: Are these discs indestructible?

A: Scratch resistant YES! Indestructible NO! There are some companies who are saying their discs are literally scratch-proof, but this is simply not true. Just to be straightforward, we are not saying you can take a knife or key and scrape it across the surface and the disc won't suffer some damage. What we are claiming is that during normal use and handling there is no better, more reliable disc product being made or sold. It's pretty simple: we are applying the highest level of hard coat protection available to the industry to protect against damage if there is accidental surface contact. The true protection comes from the bumps that prevent the contact and damage.
Q: How do you add the bumps to a disc?

A: The bumps are not an after production add-on. We made a change in the disc production process that allows us to make the bumps a part of the disc structure so there is no fear of them coming off.
Q: Can I buy my new movies or music and games on these discs?

A: Not Yet!  The Scratch-Less Disc technology does work with prerecorded products such as movies, video games, music and computer software and we are working with companies in each of these different industries to bring better products to market.
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The Virtually Scratch-Proof CD or DVD
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