EZ-UP-EDGE™ This term is used to describe the Scratch-Less™ Disc's unique characteristic that automatically guides the handler's fingertips under the disc's outer edge, allowing the handler to pick up the disc with ease. This is particularly important due to the fact that discs sustain the majority of all damage when the user attempts to extract it from a storage surface. Discs with the EZ-UP-EDGE™ are safer than conventional discs and are easier to pickup from a storage surface.

Our patent pending tapered edge, when used in conjunction with the height of the AERO-BUMP™ and the thickness of the disc, position the uppermost lip of the disc a greater distance from the storage surface allowing the handler to grip the disc during extraction.  Due to the fact that a Scratch-Less™ Disc is easier to extract from a storage surface, the likelihood of it sustaining damage is dramatically reduced.
EZ-UP Edge
The Virtually Scratch-Proof CD or DVD
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