Licensing Opportunities (Blank Media)
        Effective April 2005 SLDI will offer licensing programs for all major formats of blank discs and has begun encouraging the existing industry leaders to incorporate the Scratch-Less™ Disc technology into their product lineups.  Scratch-Less™ Disc Industries intends to issue a limited number of exclusive/semi-exclusive licenses to select organizations that see the value in finally offering their end user the reliability and durability that will gain loyalty to their brand of products.

        Increasingly as industry trends compress more digital content onto a 12cm disc (IE: DVD's compared to CDs), the environmental damage  (scratches & scuffs) that accumulates on discs causes exponentially more malfunctions during use, frustrating the end users and pushing them to search for newer more reliable alternatives.

        The Scratch-Less family of products is the 1st real solution to be offered in the optical disc industry. Up until now all other brands have competed with the same conventional flat disc design and counted on storage capacity, write (X) speeds or price to differentiate them selves. Our new design will provide the product differentiation required to increase market share while maintaining necessary profit margins.This statement was recently tested in a national chain reseller, when SLDI did a 10-store market test with our 1st Generation prototypes. The results of the test proved with out a doubt that consumers are looking for more reliable discs and are willing to pay a premium to get them.

Test Results:
        In the 6-week market test the Scratch-Less™ Discs out sold all other brands on the shelf and sold at a more then double the average selling price of competing products. A prerequisite of the test, was that SLDI and the "Retailer were prohibited from advertising to influence or enhance the sales during the test.  Further, to more accurately gauge consumer demand, the sales staff did not receive any instruction or education as to the unique features and benefits of the SLD's.  The only positive influence permitted was the use of a "P.O.P display  (Point of Purchase) to define the descriptive terms used in our marketing mix (Scratch-Less™, Aero-Bumps™, Safety-Gap, Etc).

        With all the money spent and all the time vested to deliver a flawless product to the store shelves, the simple fact remains that once the discs reach the end users they become exposed to environmental hazards that begin degrading the disc's ability to properly function. Imperfections such as scratches or chips on a disc's data surface compromise that disc's ability to properly store data.  Eventually, as damage accumulates the discs performance can degrade enough to render it useless.

The Scratch-Less™ Disc has the ability to prevent the most common types of environmental damage, including scratches, chips, marring, and gouges.   Through the use of our patented technology, SLDI and its licensees now have the ability to make available discs that offer value added features that actively protect themselves from damage during use and handling.

Find out how to become a part of the Scratch-Less™ Disc family, contact us now.
The Virtually Scratch-Proof CD or DVD
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