The Company
        Scratch-Less Disc™ Industries, LLC (SLDI), a privately held company based in Denver, Colorado, was founded to address and correct an inherent flaw existing in optical storage discs (CDs, DVDs, Etc.)  SLDI's core technology was developed and patented to offer end users a better quality, longer lasting optical disc. SLDI provides cost-effective, value added solutions to the optical technology marketplace.
        Since its inception, SLDI continues to invent, refine and develop new processes, thereby enhancing its existing technology portfolio.  Currently, SLDI and its business alliance partners have begun the final round of production tests and will begin mass-production in May of 2005. Simultaneously, SLDI will continue to encourage existing manufacturers and distributors to license varying embodiments of its proprietary technology portfolio in both the consumer (Blank) and professional (Pre-recorded) marketplaces.
The People
Todd Kuchman, Founder and CEO: Mr. Todd Kuchman engineered and designed the Company's core technology. Mr. Kuchman obtained his ability in technology engineering and physics while he pursued a business degree in the California State University school system.  In addition, Todd spent ten years in specialty electronics sales.  In 1998, Mr. Kuchman founded Niche Marketing, LLC a solely owned and operated marketing and distribution company focused on the sale of high-end electronic surge suppression equipment.
Jaye Kuchman, Vice President of Sales: Mr. Kuchman has 14 + years in specialty retail sales with eight years as a highly recognized sales training consultant. His understanding of complex sales cycles and performance-based management has made him a leader in competitive sales organizations. In addition, he has co-developed comprehensive sales and training programs for top performing sales personnel in industries focused on consumer related retail products.  As of August 2004, Mr. Kuchman began fulltime employment with SLDI.
Brian Myers, Chief Information Officer: Mr. Myers has eight years of highly specialized network and security related technology experience with both small and large US corporations. His past experience with VTI Security focused on designing LAN infrastructure for small and medium businesses with automated security systems.  He has also integrated devices and systems to create enterprise capable video transport networks. As CIO, Mr.Myers will develop and manage SLDI's technology infrastructure to ensure that customers receive delivery and support in a secure environment.
Dave Morrissey, Company Controller: Mr. Morrissey currently oversees several aspects of Scratch-Less Disc's growing business. This includes upgrading our policies and procedures to accommodate our new information systems, as well as financial analysis of our current operations.  A military background, bachelors degree in finance and business experience in sales, management, financial analysis and accounting will allow Mr. Morrissey to manage Scratch-Less Disc's growth and success.
Sean Brooks, Director of Global Sales: Mr. Brooks has 12 years of management and sales experience in highly competitive market  sectors, including pharmaceuticals, information technology, and payroll services.  In the previous 5 years before joining Scratch-Less Disc, Mr. Brooks built and maintained strong fortune 500 relationships with Merck, J&J, HP, and AT&T Solutions in the information technology field. Over the past year and a half as Director of Global Sales for SLDI, Mr. Brooks has concentrated on building new business channels internationally. Moving forward he will be responsible for building the SLDI branding efforts globally.
Kevin McKearney, Director of Marketing & Public Relations: Mr. McKearney brings 13 years experience in the marketing and public relations field to SLDI. Prior to joining Scratch-Less Disc in October of 2004, Mr. McKearney worked in the professional sports industry. He has a strong media & public relations background, having worked with some of the most well-known names in sports such as: Fox Sports, NBA, NFL and the New Jersey Sports & Exposition Authority. Mr. McKearney will work primarily on building the brand of Scratch-Less Disc along with maintaining strong media relationships and managing the daily operation of the SLDI marketing message.  Mr. McKearney also serves as an east coast liaison to all SLDI business partners and clients.
The Virtually Scratch-Proof CD or DVD
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